4WDs on Beaches

4WD vehicles can purchase a permit to access Seven Mile Beach, Lennox Head, via Camp Drewe Road and are permitted north to the boundary with Byron Shire. 

Map of 4WD access Seven Mile Beach

Purchase a beach access permit

  1. at the automated kiosk located along Camp Drewe Road (payment by card only).
  2. before you access the beach via the EasyPark App: download the app, enter the location code for Seven Mile Beach: 40201, your vehicle registration number and choose your permit and payment option.

    Download the EasyPark app

2024/25 fees:

  • 6 month permit $96
  • Annual Permit $166

Note: fees are reviewed each financial year and EasyPark purchases attract a surcharge.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Pedestrians have right of way at all times.
  2. Only the vehicle nominated on the permit can access and drive on the beach.
  3. Permits are not transferable between vehicles, one permit per vehicle is issued. Registration details will be recorded on the permit and on an electronic database.
  4. If a vehicle is sold, beach permits can be transferred to a newly purchased vehicle. In this instance, email Council a copy of the old and new registration papers.

Safety and speed limits

  1. Stay within the 30km/h speed limit.
  2. Slow down to 15km/h when within 50 metres of pedestrians and other beach users. Pedestrians have right of way over vehicles at all times.
  3. All vehicles must be registered with a state road authority.
  4. The permit holder must have a provisional or full drivers licence, issued by a relevant state authority.
  5. Vehicles must not be driven when under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.
  6. All passengers must be wearing seat belts. Riding in the rear of utilities or in a similar unrestrained manner is not permitted.
  7. Drive only on the beach specified by the permit.
  8. Towing of tyres or other implements for recreational purposes is not permitted.
  9. Towing of boat trailers to launch boats within the designated 4WD area at Seven Mile Beach, Lennox Head is permitted.

Other responsibilities of vehicle users

  1. Drive vehicles on and off the beach only at the designated 4WD beach access point.
  2. Drive on firm sand below the hide tide mark.
  3. Drive and park at least 10 metres from vegetated dunes.
  4. Vehicles are not permitted on frontal dunes or foreshore areas other than at the access point shown above.
  5. Park at least 20 metres from the access point and dune tracks.
  6. Drive on the beach north of the designated 4WD access area and south of Byron Shire boundary (3.3km to the north).
  7. Vehicle or trailers left unattended must not compromise access of other beach users.
  8. Take rubbish with you and be respectful of other beach users.
  9. Observe other beach regulations relating to dogs, horses and water use activities.

Protect the sand dunes

The sand dunes and vegetation are an important but fragile part of the beach ecosystem and can be easily damaged by human activity. The beach access-ways are protected by board and chain or equivalent surface to prevent dune lowering, development of blowouts and damage to adjoining vegetation.

Please be a responsible driver and help protect the beach environment:

  1. During and after heavy seas, travel may be impossible at high tide. The beach may be closed until sand returns and an adequate beach width is restored.
  2. During extreme storm events, access to beaches may be severely eroded. High tide leaves no room for error. Keep current tide charts in the vehicle.
  3. During and after flood events, debris may restrict vehicle access and make driving unsafe.  The beach may be closed until debris is cleared and the beach is safe for vehicles.
  4. Occasionally 4WD beach access track maintenance will be required and the track may be closed for any length of time without notice.
  5. If Seven Mile Beach is closed due to a storm event or track maintenance, Council cannot issue refunds for the time that the beach cannot be used.


Council reserves the right to withdraw permits from vehicles where it is determined by an Authorised Officer that there has been a breach of the 4WD Vehicles on Seven Mile Beach Policy.

Authorised Officers could be representatives from:

  1. NSW Police 
  2. Ballina Shire Council
  3. Marine Park Rangers under the Marine Parks Act 1997

The beach access point is continually monitored via a 24/7 surveillance camera. Vehicles without a valid permit who access the 4WD track and beach may be issued with a fine.

On-the-spot fines exceeding $110 to $1,100 may be issued for breaches.

Report problems

Report malicious damage and illegal incidents to Council Rangers on 6686 1210 (business hours), 6626 6954 (after hours) or Ballina Police on 000.



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