Airport Boulevard

The project

The construction of a new entrance road to the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport is underway.

This new road will unlock future industrial land in the Southern Cross Industrial Estate. 

Once complete, the road will provide a visually enhanced gateway road, provide an efficient traffic corridor, and provide access to industrial land.

Project outcomes

These works will include:

  • construction of Airport Boulevard
  • extension of and connection to Boeing Ave
  • connection to North Creek Road
  • construction of three roundabouts
  • bulk earthworks and fill
  • kerb and gutter
  • landscaping
  • underground services.

Project funding

The total cost of the project is $6.7 million, and is made possible thanks to $3 million in Australian Government funding under the Community Development Grants Programme. Council will spend $3.7 million to meet the balance of the cost of the project.


The project commenced in February 2019 with the installation of environmental fencing.

Bulk Earthworks for No. 25-39 Boeing Avenue, being the extension of Boeing Avenue and Airport Boulevard (new road) commenced in June 2019 and is expected to continue into early 2020. 

Preparation is underway with tender documents for the construction of the roundabouts, underground services, pavement and landscaping works. It is anticipated the entire project will be finalised early 2021.

Aerial plan

© NSW Spatial Services 2019. This map is illustrative and not to scale.

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