Alstonville Cultural Centre Plans

Alstonville Library will continue to operate in the Alstonville Cultural Centre.

Ballina Shire Council has approved a one-year licence with Byron Studios to occupy the centre for filming purposes with another one-year option.

During this period the Alstonville Library will continue to occupy the Alstonville Cultural Centre, with operating hours and services to remain unchanged. Any proposal for any group to occupy the library space would require Richmond Tweed Regional Library consultation. Any proposal to relocate the library would also require a further report to Council.

Future development plans for the centre and library

Ballina Shire Council’s Facilities Committee has endorsed the concept plans for the future development of the Alstonville Cultural Centre. These concept plans illustrate a 400% expansion in library space.

Council will engage consultants to develop the detailed design plans, then seek the necessary planning approvals. Once approvals are in place the project will be ‘shovel ready’ and qualify to apply for grant funding. The development of a new Alstonville Cultural Centre will proceed after the licence period with Byron Studios in 2022/23.

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