Anzac Day 2021

Anzac Day events 25 April 2021

This year marks 76 years since the ending of World War II. Here's how you can get involved and commemorate Anzac 2021

COMMUNITY - Anzac Day 2021 - Light up the dawn

This Anzac Day, RSL invites all Australians to unite safely to honour our nation’s veterans.

Given the tremendous community response to this initiative last year, the RSL will again help Australians come together at 6am on 25 April – in their driveways, on their balconies, in their living rooms or at their farm gates to commemorate Australia’s deeply held Anzac traditions.

RADIO - Paradise FM 101.9 FM 

Tune into Paradise FM at 6am for 'Light up the dawn' to honour the Anzac.

TELEVISION - ABC broadcast 

The ABC will have comprehensive broadcast coverage of Anzac Day services and events. TV broadcasts of Sydney Dawn Service will all be live from 4:30am AEST on ABC TV and ABC NEWS channels, on iview, and streamed live on ABC Australia Facebook and YouTube.

Visit Local broadcast coverage
Links to ABC Social Media coverage
Links to ABC iview live streams


MEDIA RELEASE: ANZAC DAY 2021 - Alstonville RSL sub-Branch

TIMETABLE: ANZAC DAY 2021 - Ballina RSL sub-Branch


Make a wreath and lantern to commemorate the Anzacs at home.

Make a wreath

  1. You need two egg cartons, a paper plate, green paint, red paint, a black texta, scissors and PVA glue.
  2. Cut out each egg holder from the egg cartons to make the poppies.
  3. Paint each poppy red.
  4. Once the paint is dry, draw a black dot inside each of the poppies.
  5. Cut out the inside of the paper plate, leaving a diagonal strip about 2cm wide.
  6. Paint the paper plate green.
  7. Once the paint is dry, write REMEMBER on the diagonal strip.
  8. Stick the poppies on the circular part of the plate with PVA glue.

Make a lantern

  1. Cut a plastic two-litre milk carton in half, wash it out and allow it to dry.
  2. While the carton is drying either print out a poppy image from the internet or draw one on a piece of paper.
  3. Once the milk carton is dry, place the poppy image inside the milk carton and use permanent markers to trace the flower onto the outside of the carton. Then colour your poppy in.
  4. You may also like to draw the silhouette of the lone soldier and inscribe the words 'Lest we forget'.
  5. On Anzac Day weigh the carton down with sand, before placing a tea light candle inside, ready to light for the dawn service.

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