Bin collection days


Please use the above map to identify your bin collection zone and then download your corresponding calendar.

Do you require a large-print calendar? Simply print in portrait mode on A4 paper, or you can request an A4 version from Customer Service, ph 1300 864 444.

3 bin collections - garden organics weekly, recyclables and landfill waste fortnightly
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Urban residential bin collection days

Ballina Heights
East Ballina
Ferngrove Estate
River Oaks Estate
Lennox Head (excluding Henderson Dr, Mosman Ch, Olivia Cct, Kellie-Ann Cr, Nixon Pl)
North Lakes Estate
Ballina - Southern Cross Industrial Estate
West Ballina
Ballina - West of Moon St (including even numbers on Moon St)
Alstonville (except Panorama and Ocean View Estates)
Russellton Industrial Estate, Alstonville
Panorama Estate and Ocean View Estate, Alstonville
Ballina - east of Moon Street (including odd numbers Moon St)
Skennars Head (including Lennox Head streets: Henderson Dr, Mosman Ch, Olivia Cct, Kellie-Ann Cr, Nixon Pl)

3 bin urban commercial collections - garden organics weekly, recyclables fortnightly and landfill waste weekly


Urban commercial collection days

East Ballina
Lennox Head
West of Moon Street, Ballina
Ballina Industrial Area/s
West Ballina
Alstonville Industrial Area
East of Moon Street, Ballina
Skennars Head

Any businesses outside these areas, please contact Ballina Resource Recovery Centre for confirmation of collection day.

Rural 2 bins - landfill waste collected weekly, recyclables collected fortnightly



Please note this information is indicative and is subject to change. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, contact the Waste Management Centre on 6686 1287.

Report a Damaged or Missed Bin

Bin collection guidelines

Council kerbside bins are collected by a side-loading truck which uses a mechanical arm to pick up and empty bins. We currently empty almost 20,000 bins per week across the Ballina Shire. 

  1. Bins should be out before 5am or on the night before your collection day
  2. Don’t overfill – lids must close fully
  3. Keep clear of vehicles, trees or other objects
  4. Bins heavier than 60kg can’t be lifted by the waste truck and will not be collected
  5. Place bin within one metre from the edge of the road seal, with the front of the bin facing the road
  6. Leave space between the bins, one-metre apart is ideal.


Why weren't my bins collected?

  • You may have put your bin out too late (bins should be out by 5am)
  • Your bin might be too heavy, our trucks can only lift up to 60 kg’s
  • Your bin might be overfull
  • Your bin is inaccessible (the truck is not able to gain access to the bin for some reason)
  • Your bin might be too far back from the kerb

If the truck is unable to collect your bin for any of these reasons, you will need to make other arrangements to transport your materials to the Waste Management Centre or wait to the next collection day.

Occasionally, our trucks break down and require repair. If this occurs and your bin has not been emptied, please leave it out and your waste will be collected as soon as possible. 

When I move properties, do I take my bins with me?

  • Council supplies and maintains all waste bins and they are assigned to set addresses so these must remain on the property if moving.

My bin has disappeared, what should I do?

  • Wait at least 48 hours as they have a habit of turning up.
  • If it doesn’t reappear, call the Ballina Waste Management Centre on 6686 1287 and they’ll help you organise a replacement.

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