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Who allocates road and street numbers?

Your local Council does. This can be a complicated process and many things need to be taken into consideration, so please do not allocate your own number.

How and when are urban addresses determined?

Urban street numbers are allocated as part of the subdivision process. So if you have an urban property, and you are unsure what your street address is, please contact Council.

How and when are rural addresses determined?

Rural road numbers are only allocated after an improvement, such as, when a house or shed has been completed (or is nearing completion). In this situation, a road number would normally be allocated when you receive your interim or final occupation certificate: or can be requested beforehand, providing building works have started and you have determined the final location of the driveway.

What is the general rule ?

Numbers are allocated from the start of the road/street, odd numbers on the left and even numbers on the right. All numbers are allocated in a logical sequence from the start of the road. Rural property numbers are based on the distance of the property from the start of the road to your driveway. For example: the number 620 refers to a property on the right and 6.20km from the start of the road.

What happens when you are on a corner, front more than one road or have more than one dwelling?

Then alternate additional numbering may be available upon enquiry to Council.

What to use as your mailing address?

Your allocated address, in most cases, will be your mailing address. For example:

Resident name J.A & B.C Bloggs
Property or business name (if applicable)


Property Number Road Name  

1234 Alphabet Road

Locality State Postcode  


Residents who currently have a private box or private bag at a Post Office or collect their mail c/- Post Office, may elect to retain their existing mailing address.

How to display your property number?

Click here to show various examples of where numbers could be prominently displayed at an entrance to enable quick and easy location and identification of the property.

Do street or road numbers get changed?

Any road number changes are avoided unless the numbers used are in conflict with the Australian/New Zealand addressing Standard (AS/NZS 4819:2003). This Standard is used by all postal and emergency services, and it is paramount that road numbers meet the standard in order to minimise any delays, especially in an emergency situation.

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