Coastal Zone Management Plan CZMP

Ballina Shire Council has been working with the community and the NSW State Government to develop a Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) to ensure that the Shire’s coastline continues to provide the ecological, cultural, recreational and economic benefits residents and visitors currently enjoy. The CZMP focuses on maintaining or improving these benefits by looking at the following coastal hazards:

  • Beach erosion due to offshore movement of sand from the sub-aerial beach during storms or an extreme or irregular event
  • Shoreline recession due to a more long term sand movement with more sand leaving a beach area than entering it and sea level rise
  • Coastal inundation resulting from extreme ocean storm events, overtopping dunes and inundating land behind the dunes.

The Coastal Zone Management Plan was approved by the NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes in July 2016.

The CZMP extends from Seven Mile Beach in the north to Patches Beach to the south of the Richmond River.


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