Indoor Pools & Spas

Indoor Pools

Indoor swimming pools must have access to the swimming pool restricted at all times in accordance with the standards prescribed by the regulations in a similar manner to outdoor pools.

Spa Pools

A spa pool includes any excavation, structure or vessel including a spa pool, flotation tank, tub or the like but does not include a spa bath that is situated within a bathroom.

The same requirements apply to restrict access to spa pools as it does to swimming pools except that a spa pool is not required to be surrounded by a child-resistant barrier so long as access to the water contained in the spa pool is restricted, in accordance with the standards prescribed by the regulations, at all times when the spa pool is not in actual use.

In this regards the spa pool must be covered and secured by a lockable child-safe structure (such as a door, lid, grille or mesh) that is of substantial construction and having no opening greater than 100mm and is fastened to the spa pool.

Further Information

Please contact Council's Development and Environmental Health group on telephone 02 6686 1415.

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