Lennox Village Vision: Phase Two - One-Way Traffic Trial

Ballina Shire Council has approved the end of the Lennox Head Village One-Way Traffic Trial.

Following representations from the Lennox Head Business Chamber, an extraordinary Council meeting was held on Monday 15 April 2019 to consider feedback from the Lennox business community and to determine whether to continue or end the one-way trial.

It was originally intended to conduct the trial through to July 2019 however following a forum hosted by the Lennox Head Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday 9 April 2019, where many businesses expressed concern that their businesses were suffering declines in trade due to the trial, it was appropriate for Council to review the continuation of the trial.

The timing of this decision was important due to the school holidays and Easter and ANZAC public holidays.

The one-way trial commenced on Monday 11 March 2019 after previous community consultation supported the trial of a one-way traffic arrangement. The trial was established to give the community and council a practical understanding of how a one-way traffic arrangement and how various parking options would operate.

As the trial progressed various modifications have been made to assist with traffic flow and parking.

Feedback from the Chamber is that they were appreciative of Council conducting the trial, and engaging the community in this way for this issue. The previous consultation identified a high level of interest in the trial, and the trial has been successful because it has enabled the Chamber and Council to assess the response of the community.

The online survey will remain open for a limited period of time. Although we’ve had a significant response to the survey we have received enquiries from residents still wanting to provide their feedback. This feedback, along with traffic counts and other submissions will be valuable information for the future planning of the upgrade of the Lennox Village Centre.

Council will continue its consultation with the community to work towards achieving the preferred detail design for the Lennox Head Village Renewal project. Council is committed to enhancing the public amenity and deliver improved economic outcomes for the local community. We have allocated a preliminary estimate of $5.5 million for the renewal project with an aim to be completed in 2021 before the Lennox Head Centenary in 2022.


Previous consultation - Lennox Village Vision

Council is committed to regularly renewing town centre infrastructure to enhance public amenity and help deliver improved economic outcomes for our local business community. We have allocated a preliminary estimate of $5.5 million in our long term financial plan to renew and beautify the Lennox Head village centre. The objective is to complete this upgrade prior to the Lennox Head Centenary in 2022. 

Phase 1 - Community Priorities

Council undertook community engagement and completed Phase 1 of the Lennox Head Village Vision in 2018. This provided Council with an understanding of the community’s priorities for streetscape renewal works in the Lennox Head village centre. 

Both two-way and one-way streetscape concept designs were included in the engagement material. When asked if a one-way traffic arrangement option should be explored for street upgrade works 68% of the 500 respondents supported further investigation, 23% were against further investigation and 9% were unsure.

In response to this feedback, Council approved a trial of a one-way traffic arrangement for the Lennox Head Village Centre.

For more information download the community survey report

Phase 2 - One-Way Trial

The second phase of our community consultation focused on the one-way traffic arrangement that was trialled in the village centre from 11 March 2019 until the 17 April 2019.

The community survey closed Monday 6 May 2019. The results of this survey are being analysed and will be reported to the Council Meeting 28 June 2019.

Project updates

Council will be providing periodic updates on the Lennox Village Vision Project and the One-Way Traffic Trial Project.

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One-way Traffic Trial

The one-way traffic trial commenced Monday 11 March 2019 and ended Thursday 18 April 2019.  

During the trial the traffic arrangements were as follows:

  • Ballina Street one-way traffic southbound between Byron Street and Park Lane
  • Park Lane one-way traffic northbound from the southern boundary of Williams Reserve to the T-intersection with Byron Street
  • Rayner Lane one-way traffic northbound.

It was important to determine whether this option is suitable for the village centre. This trial helped Council and the community ‘test drive’ this option to gain a practical understanding of how a one-way traffic arrangement will operate. The trial, together with traffic and survey data, will provide valuable information to inform future traffic management options within the village centre.

As the trial progressed various modifications have been made to assist with traffic flow and parking.

One way traffic plan lennox village vision












Rationale of One-Way Traffic Trial

  • Ballina Street/Park Lane one-way traffic flow

The clockwise rotation direction south through Ballina Street and north along Park Lane is consistent with typical keep-left traffic flow. This arrangement also reduces potential vehicle conflict points at the intersection of Park Lane and Ballina Street.

One-way traffic flows on Park Lane and Ballina Street should increase pedestrian safety and convenience for traffic entering and exiting carparking spaces. 

  • Park Lane becomes one-way traffic northbound from the southern boundary of Williams Reserve to the T-intersection with Byron Street

During the trial, Park Lane is one-way northbound from the southern boundary of Williams Reserve to Byron Street. The two-way section is retained only for the southern section of Park Lane, as the existing road widths allow for two-way traffic and enables traffic to enter and exit businesses at this end. 

The carriageway width if Park Lane allows traffic to manoeuvre around vehicles entering and exiting carparks, and allow for informal loading areas on the eastern side. 

The northern end of Park Lane at the intersection with Byron Street is one-way for the trial period.  A two-way section was considered as an option for the northern end of Park Lane in previous one-way concepts. However this was determined impractical due to the width of Park Lane restricting a U-turn at the T-section with Mackney Lane.

  • Rayner Lane becomes one-way traffic northbound.

For the trial period the one-way traffic flow in Rayner Lane has been reversed and traffic will flow to the north. This is to minimise traffic using Rayner Lane as a bypass. It also allows more convenient access for residents returning from the south.

Temporary infrastructure for One-Way Traffic Trial

Temporary infrastructure will facilitate the one-way traffic trial. Existing line marking will be removed; new road markings created, and sandbag blisters, concrete barriers and new signage installed. This arrangement is relatively inexpensive to implement and remove if the one-way traffic arrangement proves unsuccessful. 

The trial will provide information specific to traffic movements and parking. Due to the temporary nature of the trial there is limited capacity to trial other potential benefits of a one-way streetscape such as increased public spaces, additional footpath dining areas and more landscaping and street trees. 

If the trial is successful and it is practical to leave the trial in place for an extended period, additional features to improve the pedestrian amenity of the streetscape may be considered. 

One-way streetscape design concepts and section view drawings for the trial period illustrate some of these additional features, such as wider footpath areas and street tree plantings. 

Design concepts trialled

The traffic trial arrangement will include both the parking configurations shown in the streetscape concepts below. For more information on each of these concept designs download the Lennox Village Vision Booklet. 

One-way streetscape concept B - angle parking 

  • Landscaping/street trees located in kerb blister 
  • Standard footpath width
  • Combination of parallel and angled parking arrangement (this is being trialled in southern part of the main street).

Click to view: One-way streetscape concept B - angle parking










One-way streetscape concept C - parallel parking

  • Landscaping/street trees located in kerb blister and/or on the footpath
  • Footpath width varies up to 6 metres
  • Parallel parking arrangement on both sides of the street (this is being trialled in the northern part of the main street).

Click to view: One-way streetscape concept C - parallel parking










More information 

For more information see our FAQs below or contact our Strategic Planning Section on 1300 864 444. 


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