The creative media sector is an important area of innovation, a means of improving productivity and increasing business investment in New South Wales. The Government developed the Local Government Filming Protocol 2009 under the Local Government Act 1993 to ensure that New South Wales remains “film friendly” while maintaining a proper balance between community and economic benefits.

It is important that film production companies understand Council has the care, control and management of these areas. This means Council has a duty to maintain public amenity, public safety and allow free movement while shoots take place.

Council’s Filming on Public Land Policy has been developed to assist film production companies achieve their film vision while at the same time ensure there is minimum impact on the day to day activities of the Ballina Shire community.

Prior to commencing any filming, a Filming Application is required for public land under the ownership, care, control or management of Ballina Shire Council. This includes areas such as public reserves, footpaths, roads, beaches and parks. Filmmakers must, prior to applying for a film approval, refer to the Local Government Filming Protocol 2009 for guidance.

Activities associated with filming may require approval and such activities may attract an application fee. The requirements for each filming situation are different and require different levels of administrative work for Council. A scale of application fees has been developed and is available in Council’s adopted Fees and Charges.


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