Kerr Street Upgrade


Kerr Street Duplication

Council has duplicated Kerr Street between River Street and Bentinck Street in Ballina.

This upgrade will improve traffic flow to meet current and future traffic volumes, decrease travel times, and improve pedestrian accessibility and motorist safety.

These works result in the following changes to existing turning lanes and parking arrangements:

  • Holden Lane will become left in/left out only (no right turn onto Kerr Street)
  • Webster Lane will become left in/left out only (no right turn onto Kerr Street)
  • Dedicated turning lanes at Crane and Swift Street will improve motorist safety.
  • No parking on the eastern side of Kerr Street between Webster Lane and Bentinck Street (Once the new traffic lights are installed at Bentinck Street/Kerr Street there will be no parking from Webster Lane to Fox Street).
  • No parking on the western side of Kerr Street between Tamar Street and Crane Street.
  • Marked parallel parking bays will be formalised between Crane Street and Swift Street.
  • The pedestrian crossing at Swift Street and Kerr Street will be removed.
  • Pedestrian access to the western side of Kerr Street will be via Crane and Burnet Street. 


Kerr Bentinck Street Intersection Upgrade

Ballina Shire Council has received funding through the NSW Government’s Safer Roads program to upgrade the intersection of Kerr and Bentinck Streets in Ballina. 

The NSW Safer Roads Program targets sections of roads or intersections with a high casualty accident record

Kerr Street is an arterial road with an average daily traffic volume of almost 18,000 vehicles per day, while Bentinck Street connects urban areas of Ballina to the CBD and The Coast Road.

With high traffic volumes on Kerr Street, it is difficult for road users using the intersection to find safe gaps in the traffic. This has resulted in a number of crashes at the intersection and injuries to motorists.

Traffic lights are considered the best option to improve safety for road users while minimising disruption to the traffic flows in Kerr Street.

Construction Update

Ballina Shire Council has upgraded Kerr Street, between Swift and Russell Streets, Ballina.

This upgrade has included: 

•    Installation of stormwater services
•    New kerb
•    Southbound and northbound lane duplication.
•    Installation of traffic lights at the intersection of Kerr Street and Bentinck Street.
•    Installation of protected right-hand turns into Bentinck Street.

The new traffic lights at the intersection of Kerr Street and Bentinck Street are expected to be operational from Thursday 7 September 2023.




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