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Ballina Shire Council, the community and the environment are very fortunate to have the ongoing voluntary support from numerous environmental care groups within the shire. These care groups consist of Landcare Groups, Dunecare Groups, Coastcare Groups and even Residents Associations.

These groups put in countless voluntary hours helping to conserve and protect our natural environment at various locations on Council and Crown land throughout the shire. This is achieved through restoring and rehabilitating the native vegetation communities in the area by undertaking activities that include weed control, native species plantings, fencing and education.

Environmental care groups operate within a range of vegetation communities. Some of these communities include littoral rainforests, sub tropical lowland rainforest ("Big Scrub" areas), wetlands, heath lands and dunal vegetation communities.

The work required to restore and rehabilitate native vegetation communities can be very satisfying for volunteers. There are always new things to learn, people to meet, fresh air to breath and spectacular sights to see. New members interested in the conservation of our land and water resources are always welcome.

Ballina Shire Council support

Council is committed to supporting its local environmental care groups within the shire. This support covers various environmental restoration and rehabilitation projects on Council and Crown lands including training, funding support, resource provision and technical guidance.

More information

To find out more about registering a care group or locating a registered Landcare, Coastcare or Dunecare group in your area, contact either Councils Natural Resource Officer or visit the NSW Landcare website.

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