Squirrel Glider

Squirrel Glider – Petaurus norfolcensis 

Vulnerable in NSW

Squirrel Gliders are often mistaken for the more common Sugar Gliders. Both small possum species have membranes stretching between their legs, allowing them to glide from tree to tree. The Squirrel Glider is almost double the size of the Sugar Glider and has a long, wide-based, very bushy tail with a distinctive dark tip. The Squirrel Glider’s face is longer and more pointed, with slightly narrower and longer ears. 

Squirrel Gliders nest in tree hollows found within woodlands and forests in eastern Australia. They live in family groups and feed on gum, eucalypt sap, nectar, honeydew, and manna. They get protein from invertebrates and pollen. 

Threats faced by Squirrel Gliders include habitat degradation, fragmentation, and loss; the reduction of hollow-bearing trees, understorey, and food resources; drought and altered fire regimes; climate change; competition with exotic species and predation by pest species. Mortality due to vehicle strikes and entanglement with barbed fencing is also a threat. 

How can you help?

  • Protect large, old, hollow-bearing trees
  • Use plain wire fencing or cover existing barbed wire with polypipe
  • Confine cats and dogs at night.
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