Since 2002, NSW councils have been responsible for the enforcement of parking legislation within their local areas. While public safety is a primary concern, managing traffic flow and providing equitable access to available parking are major issues for many councils, particularly in urban and/or high tourist areas such as Ballina Shire.

Council's enforcement of the On-Street Parking Program concentrates on the time restricted CBD areas of Ballina, Lennox Head and Alstonville and aims to increase public safety and access to local businesses in these high demand areas. It is also important that people with disabilities are able to park close enough to be able to access goods and services and be able to park in the designated disabled parking spaces provided.

Similarly, the safety of children in and around schools is particularly important with school zones being areas where there is a lot of interaction between vehicles and pedestrians, together with children being small and often difficult to see. Children may often behave unpredictably because of their age and lack of experience corresponding with difficulty judging dangerous situations and they are considered to be vulnerable road users.

Council's 'School Zone Parking' Program is a combination of education and enforcement and is conducted during all school terms at the 21 school zones located in the Shire. The objective of this program is to ensure that ‘no child is injured or killed whist travelling to and from school’.

Rules for Safe and Legal Parking

  • Read all signs - regulated parking areas are clearly sign posted to advise motorist of parking requirements for that particular area, pay particular attention to multiple signs and time restrictions.
  • “No Parking” areas can be used for drop off and pick up zones were the driver does not stay longer than 2 minutes and is within 3 metres of the vehicle.
  • Be aware of signage changes as some timed zones may become School Zones, Clearways, Transit Lanes or Bus Lanes at different times of the day.
  • Do not stop at anytime in a No Stopping zone, Clearway or Bus Zone.
  • Only park in a Loading Zone if your vehicle is principally designed for the carrying of goods. Sedans are not permitted at any time.
  • Disabled Zones are designated for vehicles with a valid RMS Mobility Parking Scheme permit, which has to be displayed clearly on your vehicle in the correct manner (the penalty is excess of $549).
  • Ask a Council Ranger for assistance or advice regarding parking rules - they are only too happy to provide assistance and advice, directions and general information about parking related matters.

Received a Parking Fine? 

Parking fines are set by legislation administered by the Road Transport & Maritime Services of NSW. (Formerly known as the Roads & Traffic Authority). The monetary value of parking fines is also set by legislation administered by the Road Transport & Maritime Service and NSW Treasury. Councils do not set or amend parking fine penalties.

Council's Parking Rangers cannot withdraw a notice once it has been issued or commenced. Once a notice has been issued or commenced, there is an appeals procedure which can be made directly to the State Debt Recovery Office of NSW (SDRO).

Council's Rangers are trained to assist members of the public with their requests for information and advice regarding parking related matters and general advice.

Pay the fine

You must pay the fine within 21 days of it being issued. You may pay by:

Internet: payments via credit card at:

Mobile App:  Download the Service NSW mobile app from the relevant app store today!  Visit the iTunes Store  or visit Google Play Go to to register your Service NSW account and link to your RMS account for full benefits of the app. Even if you don't have an active fine, downloading the app and linking to your RMS account gives you access to the registration, licence and demerit functions. If you happen to get a fine, you'll receive a notification.

Phone: 1300 130 112 using your credit card.

Post: Attach a cheque or money order (with penalty notice number written clearly on the back of the cheque) to State Debt Recovery Office, PO Box 4444, Parramatta NSW 2124.

In Person: at any Australian Post Office (Bill Pay)

Please Note: Ballina Shire Council cannot accept payment of fines, all payments must be made directly to the SDRO.


You may appeal a fine in the following manner:

Submit written representation to the State Debt Recovery Office. A review form can be download and submitted from the SDRO web site.

By electing to go to Court and have the matter heard by a sitting magistrate.

For further information regarding options available to you please visit the NSW Revenue website.


The following links provide detailed policy and legislative information:

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