Waste Management Centre

The Ballina Waste Management Centre will be CLOSED on Monday 8 June 2020 for the Queen's Birthday Public Holiday


The Ballina Waste Management Centre remains OPEN and its hours of operation have not changed (see below).

However, due to the current Coronavirus pandemic we are only accepting card payments. CASH payments for waste disposal will no longer be accepted at the Waste Centre's Weighbridge. 

Essential waste ONLY

We encourage the community to continue to stay home, and only visit the Waste Centre for essential waste disposal during this time. 

Council has implemented a range of operational measures at the Ballina Waste Management Centre to minimise the COVID-19 related risks. However, the best way to keep our community and staff safe is to eliminate the risk all together, which is why we are asking the community to put off any non-essential trips to the Waste Centre until it's safe to do so. 

Essential waste is any waste or recycling material that:

  • can’t be stored in a safe manner at your home
  • has the potential to create a hazard to health, safety, create odour and/or attract vermin; or
  • is waste generated from a business/commercial activity.

For more information read Council's latest Coronavirus update.

Phone  02 6686 1287

Hours of operation: 8.00am - 4.00pm 7 days (excluding Public Holidays). 

Location:  167 Southern Cross Drive, Ballina

Most waste materials that do not fit or cannot be placed in your existing bin system can be taken to the Waste Management Centre.

All vehicles are weighed in and out of the Waste Management Centre and waste materials are charged on a weight per category basis. This makes it more cost effective for visitors.

On arrival, weighbridge staff will direct you to the appropriate area for your materials.

TIP: Sort your load and save!

To ensure you are charged the cheapest rates, makes sure you sort your items into waste, recyclable and FREE drop off items prior to your arrival (see fees and charges for more details).
You may be required to go over the weighbridge twice to differentiate free, fixed price and fee-based materials.

Fees and Charges

All vehicles are weighed on the weighbridge and waste is charged on a part per tonne basis. Fees and charges are reviewed annually and adjusted accordingly each financial year.

Solid Waste Per Tonne Charge

General Mixed Landfill Waste
Mixed household and commercial landfill waste including mixed builders waste and bulky waste; putrescible waste. No liquids or material containing asbestos

$230 Household
(transfer station)

$260 Commercial
(non-transfer station)

Green Waste 100% sorted
Garden waste and clippings <300mm. No treated timber or soil


Green Waste - 100% sorted wood, trees or tree stumps
Tree stumps and logs >300mm, inclulding mixed with green waste. No treated timber or soil


Brick and Concrete 100% sorted
No soil, penalties will be imposed for material containing asbestos


Roof Tiles and Ceramics 100% sorted
Clean loose tiles only, no bathroom tiles with backing board. Penalties will be imposed for material containing asbestos.


Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VENM)
Must be prebooked at least 24 hours in advance with VENM certificate


Soil (not contaminated or VENM)
Must be prebooked at least 24 hours in advance with testing results that comply with the waste Guidelines. Soil only, no boulders or tree stumps


Contaminated Soil
Soil with no testing results that hasn't been pre-booked. Soil mixed with other material. Penalties will be imposed for material containing asbestos.


Dead Animals


Household Asbestos Sample Test Kit


Household Asbestos Disposal Kits
WorkCover NSW approved to dispose of up to 10m2

$30 per kit

Weighbridge Certificate
Single weighbridge requiring certificate. This facility is not a public weighbridge.


Mixed Recyclables 100% sorted
Paper, cardboard, glass/plastic bottles, steel/aluminium cans

$96 Household 
(transfer station)

$250 Commercial 
(non-transfer station)

Scrap Metal 100% sorted
Includes car bodies and white goods (degassed)


Fridges/air conditioners with no degas certificate

$47.50 per item

Tyres price depends on size

from $12

Community Recycling Centre (CRC) Materials
Household quantities, 20kg or 20L container size. Fees and charges apply for commercial quantities.

  • Gas Bottles and Fire Extinguishers
  • Paint
  • Fluorescent Globes and Tubes
  • Car Batteries
  • Motor Oils and Other Oils
  • Electronic Waste - TVs, computers and accessories including printers


ASBESTOS is NOT accepted at this site penalties of up to $7500 apply for disposal of waste containing asbestos

Rates will be charged for a minimum of 20kg due to weighbridge callibration. Where waste is not sorted, the highest waste type price will apply

Includes NSW EPA Levy charge for 2019/20 of $82.70 per tonne.

Weighbridge operators may ask to inspect loads to determine classification and check for contamination. If after disposal, sorted wastes are found to be contaminated, a special waste surcharge will be applied.

Commercial waste

Larger drop off areas are available for commercial quantities and larger vehicles.

We DO NOT accept

  • Hazardous waste
  • Needles and Sharps
  • Asbestos

Contact the Waste Management Centre for disposal options. Illegal disposal of these items can lead to fines up to $1million.

Other services

Weighbridge certificates

Available for registration purposes only as this facility is not a public weighbridge (fees apply).

Asbestos sample testing kits

Ballina Shire residents are eligible for one FREE test kit per household available for collection from the Waste Management Centre and the Customer Service Centre at 40 Cherry Street, Ballina.

To check if a material is asbestos, send off your sample to the laboratory for testing. Allow approximately 5 business days from receipt of sample for results to be emailed back to you. 



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