When a DA is required

Council supports well designed and suitable developments. A Development Application (DA) is a formal request for permission to carry out a proposed development. Not all projects require a DA, so to help you decide if you need to submit a DA or build using other avenues, you need to consider the planning rules for where you live and what you want to build there.

You will need a DA if you want to:

  • erect a new building/structure
  • alter or add to an existing building
  • demolish a building
  • demolish, alter or damage a heritage building or a building within a Heritage Conservation area
  • change the use of a building
  • subdivide land or strata subdivision of a building
  • display or erect an advertising sign
  • erect any outbuildings
  • install a swimming pool and retaining walls.

Types of development

Exempt Development (no approval required)

Exempt development is a development that has minimal environmental impact and does not require development consent. Details of what development is classified as exempt is contained in State planning policies and in the Local Environmental Plan.

Complying Development (strict requirements, 10 day approval process)

Complying Development is small scale, low impact development that can be approved by Council or an accredited certifier within ten days of lodgement. This time period may be longer if additional information is required.  Details of what development is classified as complying is contained in State planning policies and in the Local Environmental Plan.

Integrated Development

Integrated Development requires development consent plus approval from public authorities. Refer to section 4.46 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 for a full list of the approvals.

Examples integrated development are:

  • within 40 meters of a stream, river, lake or lagoon
  • located in a high bushfire zone
  • located on or connects to Crown Land
  • is within a mine subsidence district
  • located on or near an undisturbed site, dune system or ridgeline.

Designated Development

Designated development is a type of development that requires a more significant assessment process including the preparation of an environmental impact statement.


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