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Ballina’s coastline is significant to the shire and promotes cultural, economic, environmental and recreational activities. The Ballina coastline stretches from Seven Mile Beach, Lennox Head to Patches Beach (near Wardell).

Poor water quality in waterways can cause concerns for human health. That is why for over a decade the Council has been involved in the Beachwatch Monitoring Program with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment which monitors and reports on recreational water quality.

The program aims to provide regular and reliable information on recreational water quality to enable the community to make informed decisions about where and when to swim. Council monitors water quality weekly at the following swimming sites from November to February each year following the national water quality guidelines:

  • Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head
  • Seven Mile Beach, Lennox Head
  • Shelly Beach, Ballina
  • Lighthouse Beach, Ballina
  • Shaws Bay, Ballina
  • The Serpentine, Ballina
  • Missingham Beach, Ballina

Ballina Shire Beaches Water Quality Star Rating


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