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Signs have an important role in the Ballina Shire Council area. They provide information, identify businesses and products, and they constitute a significant part of the streetscape. Signs in the Ballina Local Government Area are used to advertise a place of business or give directions and/or information. They should be architecturally attractive and contribute to, rather than detract from, the surrounding area.

These sign standards are Council’s policy in order to assure that a business will have precisely the same controls as other businesses in the same zone. In addition, the business is protected against undesirable and overpowering advertising structures from other competitors and/or adjacent premises in the area. Council is required to regulate advertising structures under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Without reasonable and fairly applied criteria, signs may distract and dominate the setting by way of their height, shape, size, number, lighting and movement. It is Ballina Shire Council’s intention to encourage the use of signs in appropriate locations, as they reflect the character and regional role of the Ballina area.

Free standing signboards are restricted to:

  • one sign per premises
  • a maximum area of 1.5m2 and
  • being located wholly on private land.

Free standing signs are prohibited on public land including footpaths.

Only council installed street furniture and approved temporary structures can be placed on public footpaths.

Council Rangers conduct routine inspections to ensure compliance with these requirements. It is an offence to place a free standing signboard (A-frame sign) on public land and a penalty infringement notice (PIN) may be issued and/or the offending signage may be removed and impounded. 



Compliance matters Ballina Shire Council Rangers, Ph 1300 864 444.

Approvals and policy enquiries Commercial Services Section, Ph 1300 864 444.

Real Estate Signs

Council’s Development Control Plan (DCP) Chapter 8 - 3.4 Signage, sets out guidelines for advertising in Ballina Shire.

Real estate signs (without the need for consent of Council) must comply with the following guidelines:

  • real estate sign advertising the premises on which it is displayed are For Sale or For Lease
  • sign and fixtures have a combined maximum area of 2.5m2 on residential or rural premises, or 4.5m2 on commercial or industrial premises
  • removed within 14-days after the sale or lease of the property
  • located wholly within the subject property
  • not illuminated, animated or flashing.

In relation to ‘Open House’ signage, Council’s position is that one sign at the property and one at the street entrance will be acceptable on the day of the open house. 

Council Rangers may issue a Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) to offending real estate agents who do not comply with the above requirements.

To retrieve impounded signs, the Real Estate Agent must contact Council and pay the impounding fee at Council's Customer Service Centre. Signs may be destroyed if impounded and held longer than 30-days.

Any signage that is placed in unsuitable locations, such as blocking traffic signs or sight distances or obstructing pathways will be impounded. Transport for NSW and Council do not permit signs on main or arterial roads including intersections as indicated on the following map: 



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