About Council

Ballina Shire Council is located in the Northern Rivers of the Far North Coast of New South Wales. It covers an area of 485 km² with a population of approximately 41,000 (2011 Census). We have a prosperous economy based on building, retail, tourism, hospitality, agriculture and education.

Our services and facilities include numerous open spaces, two public swimming pools, three libraries, a number of community spaces, a community art gallery, and a regional airport providing numerous daily jet services between Sydney,  Melbourne and Newcastle.

Working with a regional community that is progressive, innovative and creative, our Council strategies and services are designed to deliver an outstanding lifestyle for our residents, workers and visitors. We are also mindful that as we are in one of the fastest growing regions in Australia we need to protect what we have now while planning for the future.


OUR VISION captures what the community most values and what they want for a future Ballina Shire:

The Ballina Shire is safe with a connected community, a healthy environment and a thriving economy. 


OUR VALUES (CARES) describe the behaviour we expect from all our employees:

Creative >> we want to encourage ideas and be innovative.

Accessible >> we need to be accessible and responsive to our community and our fellow employees.

Respectful >> we take responsibility for our actions and appreciate everyone's opinions.

Energetic >> we want to be enthusiastic in our approach to work.

Safe >> safety takes priority over all actions and we want everyone to arrive at work and go home from work safe.

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