Erosion and sediment control

Works involving the disturbance of soil can create runoff when it rains that can wash dirt, litter and other nasty things into our gutters and drains and end up in our creeks and rivers. In most cases, this stormwater is not treated, which means everything flowing down the drains enter our waterways. This polluted water can impact on the water quality in our local waterways. It can affect aquatic flora and fauna and their habitat, lead to fish kills and algal blooms. It can also block stormwater drains, cause waterways to silt up and increase the risk of flooding.

It is also an offense to pollute waterways by allowing soil, sediment, slurry or any other material such as leaf litter, mower clippings, paint, and oils under the Protection of the Environment (Operations) Act. The penalty for such offence can be in excess of $8000. The drain really is just for rain.

For these reasons it is essential to keep soil and other materials on your site.  Have a site-specific plan, implement it correctly, and keep it maintained.

Maintaining erosion and sediment controls are vital to their success.

All sediment and erosion controls should be checked every day, before and after each rainfall event to ensure they are working correctly and identify required maintenance. Remember that sediment and erosion controls might need to change as the slope and drainage paths change during the construction phase.

If your site looks a little like this….

example of bad sediment control on building site

Not only does it look bad, but you are polluting our waterways with soil, sediment or other material.

Your site should look more like this….

example of good erosion and sediment control on a building site

Guidelines for Erosion and Sediment Control on Building Sites


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