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Extractive Industries (including quarries) focus on the extraction of raw material used in building and construction such as gravel, hard rock, limestone and sand. The value of the Extractive Industries sector to the Australian economy was increasing at a rate of 14% between 2007 and 2016. Driven by the increased demand for product from the construction industry,  the extractive industry sector will continue to grow into the foreseeable future. 

Ballina Shire is home to ten active extractive industries which produce hard rock, gravel and sand as natural resources to support local and inter-area development. There are also several discontinued pits within Ballina Shire which are usually left as vegetated voids or pit-lakes.

The operations of extractive industries in Ballina provides employment and benefits for the local community and surrounding areas. In addition to onsite plant and earthmoving operators, truck drivers and labourers, the industry also provides employment for analytical services, planners, environmental consultants, technicians, electricians, mechanics and associated trades.

Environmental Monitoring

Ballina Shire Council carries out environmental monitoring to measure and evaluate each quarry within the shire. Council's environmental monitoring project gathers information to ensure proper reporting, compliance and environmental sustainability of each extractive industry. 

Council officers carry out on-site inspections, review approvals, verify extraction rates and monitor compliance. Volumetric drone and bathymetric surveys are undertaken by qualified Council officers to establish benchmarks for existing and future extraction reporting verification. Observations of environmental impact or pollution are also monitored at the time of inspection.

Snapshots of Council's monitoring for each extractive industry can be viewed by clicking on the quarry location and more details section in the map below.

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If numbers are shown it indicates a cluster of markers showing the number of quarries in that area. Please zoom into required region and select the marker to view details or use the search function.

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