Rainwater tanks

Rainwater tanks are widely used as a source of drinking water in rural Australia. They are also used within urban areas to irrigate outside gardens and lawns. 

Rainwater tank rebates

Rous County Council (our shire's bulk water supplier) has a rebate program available to residential town water customers who wish to reduce their water consumption by installing a rainwater tank or recycled water tap. This program is a fantastic initiative that could save you hundreds on material and installation fees. To check your eligibility contact Rous County Council on 02 6623 3800 or visit rous.nsw.gov.au for the guidelines and application form.

Installing a rainwater tank

The installation of a rainwater tank may be subject to Council approval and require a compliance certificate. For requirements, please contact Council's Planning and Environmental Health Division. 

Water quality

Well maintained rainwater tanks can provide a renewable supply of water that can be used for a range of purposes. In some rural areas it may represent the primary source of household water. It's important tanks are maintained correctly to ensure the quality of water. 

For more information about tank maintenance, visit:

Businesses with rainwater tanks

A 'private water supplier' provides an independent water supply for a commercial purpose, for example: Bed and Breakfast or cafés connected to a rainwater tank. These private water suppliers must ensure they are provdiding their customers or guests with a 'potable standard' of water. These property owners or business operators must also prepare and lodge a Quality Assurance Program with NSW Health.


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