Regional Floodplain Management

Ballina Shire Council has undertaken flood investigation work in accordance with the NSW State Government’s Floodplain Development Manual. This has included the Ballina Flood Study Update (2008) and the Ballina Floodplain Risk Management Study (2012).

More recently the Ballina Floodplain Risk Management Plan (2015) was developed to help Council, emergency services such as the SES, and the community, understand the potential for flooding in Ballina Shire. The Plan is a summary document showing the floodplain risk management process and how Ballina Shire Council aims to manage the risk of floods, and provides a framework to implement mitigation strategies.

The exhibition and public consultation in relation to the Ballina Floodplain Risk Management Plan was completed in March 2015 with Council adopting the Plan, with amendments, at the Ordinary meeting of Council in May 2015.


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