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Registering your cat or dog in NSW is for life and is a two-step process: 

  1. Microchip your cat or dog by 12 weeks of age or before being sold or given away
  2. Register your cat or dog before it is six months of age (desex your pet by 6 months of age to pay a discounted lifetime registration fee)

Register your pet online

You can also register your pet in person at Council's Customer Service Centre or a Service NSW office. When registering in person, you must bring records showing proof of ownership, microchip number and desexing certificate supplied by vet.

2019/20 Lifetime Registration Fees  (fees increase with CPI from 1 July each year) Fee

Desexed dog/cat
sterilisation certificate or clear receipt from a vet or statutory declaration required


Desexed dog/cat owned by Pensioner
sterilisation certificate or statutory declaration & current pensioner concession card required


Non-desexed dog/cat


Non-desexed dog/cat - Not Recommended
requires written notification from a vet that it should not be desexed


Non-desexed dog/cat - Recognised Breeder
requires proof of current membership of Dogs NSW, NSW Cat Fanciers Assoc, Waratah State Cat Alliance or any other body approved by the Chief Executive and documentation verifying the dog/cat is of a breed accepted by the recognised breeder body, and a signed statement from the member that the animal is to be kept for breeding purposes


Pound/Shelter animal 50% discount (desexed)


Recognised Assistance Animal
requires a statement from a recognised assistance animal organisation eg NSW Guide Dog Association that the animal is trained, or is being trained, as an assistance animal and is used as an assistance animal


Working Dog 
requires assessment by Council's rangers that the dog is primarily used for droving, tending, working or protecting of stock


Retired Greyhounds are required to be microchipped and registered as a companion animal, fees as above.


All dogs must wear a collar around their neck and a name tag showing the dog's name, owner's name and address or telephone number.

All cats must wear a collar around their neck with a name tag showing cat's name, owner's name and address or telephone number or microchip number.

These only apply while the animal is not on the property of which the owner is the occupier.


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