Report a koala sighting

Be a Citizen Scientist and record your Koala sightings. Ballina Shire Council works alongside government agencies and not-for-profit organisations which have developed useful tools to easily report sightings.  

Friends of the Koala Northern Rivers                                                                     
24-hour rescue hotline 02 6622 1233
Burribi Education and Administration Centre 02 6621 4664
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Report a koala sighting

Download the I Spy Koala app

I Spy Koala is a citizen science app developed by the NSW Government that allows anyone in NSW to record sightings of koalas in the wild. Recording koala sightings is crucial to helping better understand and protect this threatened species.

To find out more about koalas across NSW, visit

Recognise a koala in trouble

If you can get close enough to touch a koala there is usually something wrong.

Key signs a koala is in trouble include:

  1. Dazed appearance – unresponsive when approached or having difficultly climbing.
  2. Malnourishment/illness - saggy skin, shoulder blades or spine visible through fur or evidence of wounds.
  3. Chlamydia/infection – yellow to black bottom (healthy bottom fur is predominantly white and grey)
  4. Other signs - rusted or red eyes or brown dry-matted coat.

If you come across a koala on the road, Friends of the Koala have developed a helpful Koala glovebox guide for you to follow:

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Information on Ballina Shire's Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management

Ballina Shire Koala Management Strategy

The Ballina Shire Koala Management Strategy aims to identify koala habitat and establish an overarching management framework.

Koalas in Ballina

Ballina Shire is home to a nationally important population of koalas.

How you can help Koalas

There are lots of ways you can help to recover our nationally significant koala population in Ballina. We can all make a difference!

Our Koala Conservation Projects

Ballina Shire Council implements the Koala Management Strategy with valuable input from our community, other regional Councils and the NSW State Government

Threats to Koalas

There are many threats to koalas in our local area.

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