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Richmond River Catchment Program

The Coastal Zone Management Plan for the Richmond River Estuary (CZMP) (1.88mb pdf) is a 10-year plan that details implementation of key actions to address the many issues affecting the health of the waterways and the Richmond River estuary.  It was certified by the NSW Government on 24 February 2012.

The estuary extends some 90km from the mouth of the Richmond River to the tidal limit near Boat Harbour.

The Richmond River estuary previously supported a highly productive network of natural ecosystems, human land uses and activities. Agriculture, fishing, recreation and tourism activities interact with each other and the environment that supports them. Over time, these interactions have had a negative impact on the health of our creeks, our rivers and the estuary.

To address the impacts of human land uses and activities on the Richmond River estuary the CZMP was prepared by local governments operating on the estuary, namely Ballina Shire, Lismore City, Richmond Valley and Rous County Council (formerly the Richmond River County Council). The primary goal of the CZMP was to utilise twelve strategies to achieve integrated and balanced methods to restore and maintain the ecological sustainability of the estuary as well as the associated recreational and commercial activities.

Some of the documents used to help inform the development of the CZMP included an Estuary Processes Study (2.4mb pdf), and accompanying Water Quality Addendum (4.9mb pdf).  The Estuary Management Study (2.38mb pdf) provided a background as to the types of management options that could be utilised to improve the health of the estuary.

The 2015 Ecohealth Report (3.1mb pdf) was one of the ‘Fundamental’ management strategies identified for implementation.  Whilst it was a study and did not provide on-ground outcomes, it has highlighted the depth and complexity of the issues within the catchment as a whole.

A new Richmond River Coastal Management Plan process has begun.  The process will update the CZMP for the Richmond River Estuary in line with new legislation and will now include the whole catchment (including Kyogle and Byron Shire Council areas within the catchment).  For more information on this process, visit the Rous County Council website.


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