Threats to Koalas

There are many threats to koalas in our local area. Some are influenced by humans and others can occur naturally in our environment. Many of these threats are complex and require input, planning and assistance from multiple stakeholders such as scientists and expert consultants. Some just require minor changes from our community.

Koalas face a number of threats including:

  • habitat loss, fragmentation, modification and disturbance
  • predation by roaming and domestic dogs
  • vehicle strike
  • intense burns or wildfires that scorch the tree canopy
  • heat stress through prolonged drought and heatwaves
  • human-induced climate change
  • disease
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Information on Ballina Shire's Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management

Ballina Shire Koala Management Strategy

The Ballina Shire Koala Management Strategy aims to identify koala habitat and establish an overarching management framework.

Koalas in Ballina

Ballina Shire is home to a nationally important population of koalas.

Report a koala sighting

Be a Citizen Scientist and easily report your Koala sightings online or by phone

How you can help Koalas

There are lots of ways you can help to recover our nationally significant koala population in Ballina. We can all make a difference!

Our Koala Conservation Projects

Ballina Shire Council implements the Koala Management Strategy with valuable input from our community, other regional Councils and the NSW State Government

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