Water billing

Our water based charges are generally calculated using a two part user pays billing structure:

  • a flat access charge based on the size of the water meter
  • a user pays volumetric (consumption) based charge

Our residential customers have their water and wastewater access charges levied annually on their Rates Notice with water consumption billed quarterly.

Our non-residential customers have all their access and volumetric based charges for water, wastewater and liquid trade waste (if applicable) levied quarterly.

Billing periods

Every three months (90 days) we read your water meter and from 1 July 2023 we will send you a separate bill for your water consumption and charges.

There are four billing periods for each financial year:

  • March to June (payment due 30 September)
  • June to September (payment due 31 December)
  • September to December (payment due 31 March)
  • December to March (payment due 30 June)

We calculate the service charges based on the number of days in the billing period.

Water consumption (use) charges are calculated from the date of your last meter reading to the current meter reading.

Provide access to your water meter

Please keep your water meter clear of any vegetation or other obstructions. This assists our readers and is also important should you or your plumber require access for any internal plumbing maintenance.

Pricing structure 2024/25

Water is charged at $2.82 per kilolitre for your first 350 kilolitres per annum. If you use more than 350 kilolitres you will be charged at a higher rate of $4.23 per kilolitre for all usage above 350kl in that financial year.

If you are connected to recycled water you are charged a flat rate of $2.26 per kilolitre.

If you receive a pensioner concession, your maximum water charges concession is granted on your water access charge, which is listed on your annual Rates Notice in July.

Drinking Water charge up to 350kl in financial year

$2.82 per kilolitre 

Drinking Water charge over 350kl in financial year

$4.23 per kilolitre

Recycled Water charge 

$2.26 per kilolitre

High consumption water bills

High consumption water bills can be for various reasons. If the cost of your bill seems too high, it is important you check the price per kilolitre that you have been charged – you may have moved into the next pricing tier since your previous bill.

If the volume of water has increased you may have a water leak. You can monitor your use by regularly reading and checking your water meter. Recording your meter readings at regular intervals will help you understand how much water you consume.

Consider installing a Smart Water Meter which attaches to your water meter and records hourly water usage data. Visit Ballina Water website for more information.

Did you know?

  • a leaking toilet can lose up to 5 litres a minute
  • a leaking tap can lose up to 2,000 litres a month
  • a cracked water pipe can lose up to 20 litres a minute
  • a broken sprinkler or watering system can lose up to 40 litres a minute.

Checking for leaks

  1. Ensure there are no visible water leaks at the property (e.g. dripping taps or leaky cistern)
  2. Do not use any water on the property while testing for leaks
  3. Record the water meter reading (read all dials)
  4. Allow sufficient time to pass to capture small leaks (e.g. overnight). Remember not to consume any water at the property during the testing period
  5. Read the water meter again. If the meter has recorded consumption you have a water leak
  6. Contact a plumber to fix the water leak immediately as you are paying for all water consumed at your property
  7. The accuracy of the meter can also be checked by reading the meter, extracting a known quantity of water, then reading the meter again. The reading difference should match the quantity of water extracted

Download the Water Meter Checking Procedure

How to read a water meter

For billing purposes Council only records the kilolitre (kl) reading as shown:

first five digits of a water meter represent kilolitres and last three red digits on water meter represent litres

Average household water consumption

1 kilolitre of water = 1,000 litres or 264 gallons

Household water consumption target = 160 litres per person per day

  • Shower (8 minutes) with normal showerhead = 120 litres | Water Saver showerhead = 70 litres
  • Toilet Single flush = 12 litres  |  Dual flush full = 6 litres  |  Dual flush half =  3 litres
  • Washing machine  Front loader = 80 litres  |  Top  loader = 170 litres
  • Dishwasher 20.5 litres
  • Hosing 20 litres per minute
  • Swimming Pool  up to 55,000 litres

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