Available fill material

Ballina Shire Council has surplus fill material from routine road works that is available for commercial or residential use.

This material has been laboratory tested to confirm that it meets the requirements of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) resource recovery exemption for recovered aggregate. Recovered aggregate can be used as a road-making material, or in building, landscaping or construction works. 

Providing this material to the public for re-use is a win-win for resource recovery, and benefits Council, landowners and the environment.  The recycled material is cost-effective, reduces reliance on non-renewable quarried material and cuts haulage distances to disposal sites.

Development approval

In most cases the filling of land requires development consent from Council. Landowners who wish to access Council's surplus fill are responsible for obtaining consent before delivery of any material from Council. 

Landowners should contact Council's Development Services Team on 1300 864 444 or visit our When a DA is required webpage if your require clarification about consent requirements. 

Availability of fill

When fill becomes available, landowners who have registered interest in receiving fill are contacted to confirm details of deliveries (if required).

Cost of fill

There will be no charge for this material, but a small transport/loading fee will be applied depending on the delivery location.

Access to the site and spreading of fill

The landowner is responsible for access to any fill site suitable for normal tipper trucks. Any damage to internal access roads is the responsibility of the landowner.

The landowner is responsible for arranging where the fill is placed, along with any spreading and compacting needed.



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