Ballina Flood Protection Feasibility Study and Plan

Following community feedback, the recently developed draft plan to help mitigate existing and future flood risks will soon be presented to a Council meeting for adoption.

Enquiries: Paul Busmanis, Manager Engineering Works, Ph 1300 864 444

Submissions closed: Friday 4 February 2022

Project Objectives

The Ballina Island and West Ballina Overland Flood Study and Flood Protection Feasibility Study and Plan (GHD) project objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of how trunk stormwater drainage system (pipes larger than 450mm-diameter or equivalent) performs now and into the future considering climate change implications.
  • Assess localised intense moderate to rare storms (10% -1% Annual Exceedance Probability [AEP]) in combination with tidal scenarios (Mean High Water Spring [MHWS], Real King Tide [January 2018], Highest Astronomical Tide [HAT]); under both present-day conditions and climate change implications being Sea Level Rise (SLR) and Rain Intensity High Range % Increase both to the projected year of 2100.
  • Assess the viability of an early concept design standard for a regional flood protection levee system for Ballina Island and West Ballina.
  • Develop a detailed Strategic Plan considering reforms to land-use planning, Development Control Plan (DCP), Local Environmental Plan (LEP), and alternative approaches that are effective and affordable, as well as other measures like but not limited to drainage capital works upgrades, flood warning and education, and road and house raising options.
  • Ensure solutions are well-considered, have a higher level of confidence in cost and procurement feasibility, are environmentally sound, and gain community and stakeholder support.

Project Phases 

Recommended Floodplain Mitigation Measures

The Ballina Island and West Ballina Overland Flood Study and Flood Protection Feasibility Study and Plan has been completed and endorsed by Council for public exhibition at the November 2021 Council Meeting. 

A draft strategic plan was prepared outlining recommended flood mitigation measures for the region:

Strategic Option No. Option Description
1 Update existing riverine and creek flood studies
2 Review and update land use planning and development controls
3 Develop a voluntary house raising scheme
4 Develop voluntary purchase scheme for high hazard properties
5 Improve flood warning system and evacuation management
6 Raising of existing evacuation road routes
7 Commission a local stormwater drainage management study and plan

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