3 bin guide

Most residents receive the urban organics/recycling/landfill three bin system and rural residents receive a recycling/landfill two bin system.

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Recycling Bin

Yes to recycle glass bottles & jars, plastic containers, paper and cardboard, steel and aluminium


  • soiled paper/cardboard
  • plastic bags/soft plastics
  • takeaway cups
  • food
  • fabric

Organics Bin

Everything that goes into the organics bin is turned into fertilizer and must be able to decompose. The organics bin is a weekly service.

Yes to all fruit and vegetable scraps, meat, seafood, egg shells, bread, dairy and grains, grass and garden clippings


  • packaging or containers
  • plastic bags or wrapping
  • tea bags, serviettes or tissues
  • pet poo or poo bags
  • treated timber or large amounts of soil


  • Store food waste in freezer until the night before pick up
  • Wrap food waste in newspaper
  • Line the bottom of your 240L bin with newspaper to prevent food and garden waste sticking to the bin
  • Keep bin in a shady and well ventilated area – especially over summer
  • Try layering your food waste then garden waste in your bin
  • Bin Bag and Liner Guide factsheet (1.2mb pdf)

Compostable Bags

Compostable bags and bin liners must be certified as Australian Standard AS 4736 or AS 5810. These two certifications mean that there is a minimum 90% biodegradation rate and no toxic effects to Australian plants and earthworms.

Certified compostable bags are available at most supermarkets, simply look for the logos below. Alternatively you can buy accepted compostable bags at a range of online stores directly.

compostable logo AS 5810compostable logo AS 4736







Kitchen Organics Caddies for Sale

Council sells kitchen caddies for $10 at our Customer Service Centre, 40 Cherry Street Ballina and the Resource Recovery Centre, 167 Southern Cross Drive, Ballina. The containers are clearly labelled with what organics items can go in them and are designed to close snugly and wash easily.

Landfill Bin (aka the bin of last resort)

Yes to food packaging and polystyrene, nappies and wipes, soft plastics, takeaway cups


  • food or garden waste (please place in your organics bin)
  • gas bottles or fire extinguishers (contact the Resource Recovery Centre for disposal options on 6686 1287)
  • building materials
  • chemicals or paint 
  • batteries 

Your landfill waste bin should only be used to dispose of household items that cannot be composted or recycled and can fit safely and securely in the bin, such as:

  • disposable nappies
  • pet droppings
  • takeaway coffee cups
  • personal hygiene and medical waste (no sharps)
  • all plastic bags and soft plastics
  • broken crockery (plates, bowls, etc)
  • rope and string
  • polystyrene

Still not sure what goes where?

Download the A-Z Waste Guide


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