Development Control Plan (DCP)

A Development Control Plan (DCP) establishes the standards, controls and guidelines that apply when carrying out development or building work. The DCP and Council's local environmental plan form the local regulatory planning framework. A DCP is a Council policy document that contains the detailed design controls applicable to development in a local government area. DCPs are part of a hierarchy of planning documents that establish requirements and direction for development. These documents provide the basis for development assessment in Ballina Shire:

  • State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs)
  • Local Environmental Plan (LEP)
  • Development Control Plan (DCP)

Under the local planning framework, the LEP and DCP provide the basis for development assessment. The LEP establishes the overarching local planning policy of Council, focusing on the permissibility of certain land uses in the different areas of the shire and development standards that direct land use outcomes. The DCP provides a greater level of detail in relation to the delivery of development outcomes and incorporates a variety of planning objectives and development controls that form Council’s local planning policy when used in conjunction with the LEP.


As of 1 December 2021, a reference to an Environment Protection zone E1, E2, E3 or E4 in a document should be taken to be a reference to a Conservation zone C1, C2, C3 or C4. For further information please see Standard Instrument (Local Environmental Plans) Amendment (Land Use Zones) Order 2021 (

Ballina Shire Development Control Plan 2012 (BDCP 2012)

The Ballina Shire Development Control Plan 2012 is the principal Development Control Plan (DCP) in the Shire.  The DCP was adopted by Council on 20 December 2012 and came into effect on 4 February 2013. The BDCP 2012 is divided into chapters, which relate different aspects of the Council’s development control framework.   Refer to Chapter 1 for guidance on the use of the DCP. The DCP chapters can be downloaded via the following links:

The following map sheets are adopted as part of the DCP:

Ballina Town Centre Precinct Map

Building Line Map

Coastal Hazard Protection Map

Dwelling Density Map

Fig Tree Hill Neighbourhood Map

Floodplain Management

Lennox Head Village Centre Precincts Map

Mosquito Management Map

Natural Areas & Habitat Map

Restricted Lane Frontage Map

Ridgelines & Scenic Areas Map

Road Widening Map

Rural Residential Areas Map

Significant Urban Bushland Map

South Ballina Foreshore Land Map

Special Area Controls Map - Residential

Special Area Controls Map - Subdivision

Stormwater Management

West Ballina Enterprise Corridor Precincts Map

Wildlife Corridors Map

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