Lennox Village Upgrade

The Lennox Village Vision project aims to improve Lennox Head's village centre while retaining its low-key, social and coastal village feel.

Following extensive community consultation, planning and concept development, this project kicked off on 20 September 2021. The works will be completed in four stages, over two financial years, as funding and grant opportunities become available.

See entire Concept Plan set (39mb pdf)


Stages 2-4

Stages two to four include road, stormwater and pavement reconstruction, installation of street furniture and landscaping.

Stage two works, from Park Lane to the Central Hub, are continuing and include road, stormwater, and pavement reconstruction. Current works include installation of footpath pavers, street furniture, and landscaping.

Stage three (Central hub) and Stage four (Central Hub through to Byron Street) have now also commenced and will be completed at the same time.  This was the preferred option of the majority of business operators and will decrease the overall duration of the project, with a target completion date for both Stages 3 and 4 of December 2022.

During these stages there will be delays and impacts to street parking. Please allow extra travel time and check for roadwork updates at livetraffic.com

Council will work with businesses and residents to prepare for and mitigate impacts where possible. Traffic control and signage will advise and direct motorists and pedestrians during the works. Council will communicate directly with impacted businesses and residents during each stage of works.

Stage 1 

Stage one works have now been completed. This included Aboriginal cultural heritage investigations, undergrounding of power along Ballina Street and within Ross Park, installation of stormwater in Lennox Park and Ross Park including gross pollutant traps, and installation of the new drinking water network and undergrounding of the electrical network is continuing in Lennox Head village centre.

Ross Park Upgrade

The new-look Ross Park in Lennox Head village is officially open and ready for play! 
The upgraded park includes new play equipment, a boardwalk, concrete paths, covered picnic areas, seating, paving, interactive sculpture, and landscaping.
A key feature of the new playground is an all-ability, wheelchair-accessible carousel. Former Ballina Shire Citizen of the Year, Tracey Everingham-Armstrong, raised $30,000 to purchase the carousel through community fundraising events.
A new timber fort and nest swing also feature in the new design. The nest swing supports all-ability and ages play while complimenting the nature play focus of the playground.

Future stages - Park Lane and Byron Street

Following the completion of stages 1 to 4, Council will focus on upgrading the surrounding areas of Park Lane and Byron Street. 

Theses works may include:

  • Footpath upgrades to Park Lane and sections of Byron Street, including decorative paving
  • Enhancing green spaces for better shade and recreation
  • Reducing the speed limit to 30km/h to improve pedestrian safety 
  • Creating better connections between footpaths and recreational areas
  • Parking improvements for safety and access to the village
  • Installation of bicycle infrastructure 

Download the draft concept plans (pdf)

At this stage Park Lane and Byron St works are not fully funded, however Council is actively perusing relevant grants and funding arrangements.




When will the Lennox Head Village Renewal be constructed?

The project is broken into a number of stages as outlined at the top of this webpage. It will be completed in four stages over two financial years. Stage 1 will commence in September 2021, once final permits and approvals are granted.

Future stages consist of Lennox Park, Park Lane, Mackney Lane, Byron Street Upgraded pedestrian connections, road safety improvements are subject to further funding.

Will there be travel delays during Stage 1 of construction?

Yes. Every attempt will be made to keep a travel lane open throughout the project. At times Ballina Street will be partially closed with traffic control in place and the speed limit will be reduced around construction zones. Council encourages people to park and walk to increase pedestrian traffic to local businesses. We also encourage residents living within a reasonable distance to walk/ride into the village centre where possible during the construction period. Through traffic will be encouraged to use Park Lane and Byron Street.

Please expect delays and plan to leave earlier than you would. We ask that everyone remains patient and courteous, especially when there are delays.

What are the expected construction impacts? (Dust, noise, pedestrian and business access, water and power)


Some dust may be present during construction, however water spraying carts will be used to help minimise dust.

Noise and timing of works

There will be noise during construction, this will include concrete saw cutting of existing surfaces. Construction will generally be Monday to Friday 7am-6pm, and at times Saturday 8am-1pm. Works may be required out of hours.

Bus shelter

The bus shelter at the northern end of Ballina Street near the existing toilets will be removed to enable construction of services. The large weather shed/picnic shelter in Lennox Park will be temporarily available for use as a bus shelter.

Pedestrian access

During construction pedestrian access will be maintained where possible however, at times, there will be temporary detours around construction zones.

Access to businesses

Council’s project team will liaise with businesses to maintain customer and delivery access where possible or provide alternative access points. Council staff will make contact before each phase. Pedestrian and motorist directional signage will be installed to ease disruptions during construction. Council will also promote the area to encourage residents and visitors to support Lennox Head businesses during construction.

Water and power

The project provides a good opportunity to upgrade our stormwater, water and electricity services. Power services will be relocated underground. Business operators and residents may experience power and water outages during these works. Outages will be scheduled to minimise impacts where possible and Council will provide notification via email updates (for those registered).

Will there be financial compensation for businesses in Lennox Head due to the impact of the works?

No. Council's focus is on investing in infrastructure to promote economic benefits for our community.

The entire Lennox Village Renewal project is a $10m investment.

Once complete, this rejuvenated area will bring significant social and economic value to the Lennox Head community and businesses.

During construction, Council will work with local businesses to minimise disruptions and to encourage visitors and locals to support local Lennox Head business.

Are you upgrading shopfronts?

No, however Council is reconstructing shop entrances from the footpath so there’s no longer a step up into shops. This will improve accessible access.

Will carparking spaces be reduced during the project?

Parking will be reduced during the active phase of construction and may, at times, be unavailable in front of businesses.

Based upon 2019 carparking audit information, there are approximately 489 public carparking spaces available within the village centre block (between Byron Street and Rutherford Street). As people may not be aware of some of these parking locations, Council will publish a map on our website and social media.

We will encourage people to use these alternative public parking areas and walk to Ballina Street. Temporary signage will inform customers of any changes to property/business access.

How many carparking spaces will there be once the project is complete?

There has been extensive community engagement in relation to the design for the village centre including the provision of carparking. Some carparking spaces will be removed from throughout the upgrade area to enable other street and business benefits such as footpath widening, outdoor dining, level pedestrian crossing points and public seating.

Approximately 470 public carparking spaces will remain in the village centre upon completion of the upgrade, depending on the detailed design. This includes 11 accessible spaces and equates to 1 parking space per 9.7 people aged between 20 and 79 years (as at the 2016 census date).

Additional formalisation of on-street carparking is also being investigated for Stewart and Gibbon Street as part of a future upgrade project. Based on the Lennox Head Community Survey in 2018, 54% people said they would be willing to walk 250m or more to reach the village centre. Less than 10% indicated that they were unwilling or unable to walk more than 50m.

Is Rayner Lane being upgraded as part of this project?

Part of Rayner Lane (adjacent to Ross Park) will be upgraded as part of Stage 3 of the project.

The remainder of Rayner Lane does not form part of this project. This project is specifically focused on Lennox Head’s social and economic centre and recreational areas. However Council is currently looking at rescheduling future works to repave the remaining section of Rayner Lane.

If possible, we will move these works forward to be completed alongside this project.

How will the works in Ross Park impact Rayner Lane?

Rayner Lane will remain open for through traffic. A gate to access the Ross Park construction site will be located off Rayner Lane. Rayner Lane can expect to see an increase in trucks and short disruptions may occur as traffic enters the site.

Once construction commences carparks along Rayner Lane will be unavailable.

Disabled parking will be temporarily relocated to Ballina Street during construction works. Once Ross Park is completed carparks on Rayner Lane will be as per the final design. There will be some loss of carparking in Rayner Lane to enable to expansion of the green space in Ross Park and creation of a pedestrian-focused shared zone.

Why are some carparking spaces on Rayner Lane being removed?

This area was identified as an important hub where pedestrians, accessibility and safety should be a priority. A significant amount of parking will remain elsewhere within the village.

Removing the existing carparks makes the area safer, boosts pedestrian foot traffic to businesses, improves visibility for shops located near Ross Park and ensures that Ross Park is not obscured by parked vehicles.

Please note, two wheelchair accessible carparks will be installed in Rayner Lane adjacent to Ross Park as well as a loading zone.

How was the design for Ross Park developed?

The Ross Park concept has been developed through years of engagement from the local community. This included a Community Stakeholder Design Charette (workshop) with representatives from local businesses, community groups, residents and educational providers, as well as community feedback received during public exhibition of the concept designs.

The new play space will include an all-ability carousel, group nest swing, timber fort with slide and natural play elements including a wobbly bridge, balancing poles and a turtle sandpit maze created by local artists. The park also features an accessible toilet, covered picnic areas, shade trees, seating, and ‘art pavers’ designed by the community in association with the Lennox Arts Board.

The community said they want Ross Park to be “the connected and communal heart of Lennox – a place for nature play for all ages”. The design aims to create passive and communal space where children can play and adults can relax. It is also a space to support small community events.

The children’s playground located in the park has been developed by Council’s Registered Landscape Architect, taking into consideration the site constraints, aspiration of the community design charrette team and feedback received as part of the online survey and during the public exhibition period. A key feature of the playground is an all-access carousel donated by Tracy Everingham-Armstrong and the Lennox Head community through fundraising activities.

Why is a toilet included in the design for Ross Park?

A toilet facility was identified during the design charrette and also during the community online survey and public exhibition feedback as a desirable element to be included in Ross Park as a convenience for playground and park users.

This is primarily so that park users with children are able to remain within the park to toilet their children and to prevent garden areas from being used for toileting of small children as has been observed in the past.

Various locations in the park were explored. The designed location was determined to be the most suitable due to its proximity to the playspace (key users) and location at the edge of the park where it has less visual impact than in other areas of the park. The location was chosen to minimise impacts to as many people as possible.

Modern public toilet facilities can be attractive buildings and have less issues with odour than older facilities. The chosen location is at the edge of the park behind an existing pandanus tree, and on a similar visual alignment to the existing playground, shelter structure and picnic shelter to minimise the impact on views from apartments.

What consultation has Council completed with the Lennox Head community?

Ballina Shire Council began community consultation for the Lennox Village Vision project in 2018. During this time Council received 1,953 responses to engagement activities and received feedback from 30.5% of the Lennox Head population. Additional responses were also received during public exhibition of the concept designs.

The following is a timeline of engagement activities:

  • Before 2018 a number of guiding documents were developed following community consultation: the Lennox Village Vision Centre Landscape Masterplan, Community Aspirations Strategic Plan, Lennox Head Structure Plan, Lennox Foreshore Plan
  • In 2018 Council held a stakeholder meeting, conducted a community online survey, and collected traffic data.
  • In 2019 ¬Council completed a one-way traffic trial and survey, traffic and parking audit, and Place Score ‘Care Factor’ and ‘Place Experience’ assessment
  • In 2020 Council held a “Streets for People” community presentation and Community/ Stakeholder Design Charette (workshop) with representatives from local businesses, community groups, residents and educational providers. Workshop participants undertook a co-design process to develop design directions and a preliminary sketch design.

Based on the above engagement and data, Council further developed the draft concept design in 2020, which was exhibited to the public for further feedback. The draft concept plans were amended to take into consideration comments received during the public exhibition period and the concept plans were adopted by Council in August 2020.

Where can I find the design for Ross Park?

The Ross Park adopted concept design is available on Council's Lennox Village Vision project page

It should be noted that this plan is conceptual only and that some minor changes to the design layout have occurred as a result of the detailed design process.

Will new trees be planted in Lennox village?

Yes. A range of vegetation will be planted to create shade and visually enhance the town centre as the works progress.

The design includes approximately 65 new street trees in Ballina Street alone and many garden areas will provide shade, cooling, permeability and green open spaces. The final species is yet to be determined, but they will be predominantly native and indigenous species.

Will any trees be removed?

It will be necessary to remove or relocate some trees to enable installation of some underground services and construction of a design which provides level/flush access to shopfronts and complying pavement grades on footpaths.

Council’s arborist will be closely involved in this process to ensure trees that can be relocated are correctly prepared, held and transplanted.

Is there a final plan showing where bench seating will be installed?

Not confirmed, however concept plans show potential locations. This will be determined as we head into Stage 2 of the works.

Will the pavement be the same as River Street in Ballina town centre?

No. In Ballina Street the footpath pavement will be a combination of custom-made concrete and stone pavers with natural stone used as a feature within the central hub.

Ross Park will contain a combination of coloured concrete and clay pavers as well as soft pavements throughout the playspace. You can view the pavement material currently on display at the Lennox Head Community and Cultural Centre.

Do you anticipate any cultural concerns?

Consultation with the local community has been underway for a significant amount of time and will continue throughout the project.

Have you considered lighting pollution and the impact on marine wildlife?

The lighting within Ross Park has been designed considering the National Light Pollution Guidelines for Wildlife Including Marine Turtles, Seabirds and Migratory Shorebirds.

Lighting on Ballina Street could not be designed in accordance with this guideline as Essential Energy has strict guidelines for the installation of street lighting.

How will the community be updated during the project?

The Lennox Head community will receive a letter and information brochure to their property before the commencement of Stage 1. Council will also publish project updates via Community Connect, project eNews updates, social media, project webpage and local media such as the Lennox Wave.

Residents and businesses are strongly encouraged to subscribe for emailed project updates see the below form.


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